Oct 20, 2011

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

If you have ever experienced frizzy hair, you know just how frustrating the problem can be. However, don't fear! There are plenty of methods to prevent frizz, and also ways to control and get rid of frizz if you already struggle with it.

Get beautiful frizz-free hair
in no time!
To Prevent Frizz

1. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Salon quality shampoos and conditioners are best to keep moisture in your hair. We suggest Paul Mitchell's Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo and Daily Treatment.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner. Using a leave in conditioner daily will protect your hair against potential environmental damages. Try Staying.Alive by Kevin.Murphy. Simply spritz the conditioner onto wet hair and comb it through.

3. Keep up with cuts. Consistently trimming every 4-6 weeks will help get rid of split ends and stop them from splitting further. Discuss with your stylist how much you should trim to keep your ends healthy.

4. Dry your hair. Wait until all of the moisture is out of hair before blow drying. Heat changes the shape of your hair. Plus, the movement from a blow dryer can create frizz.

5. Use quality styling tools. Since you may need to touch up some problem areas, use a salon quality tool. The U-Smooth flat iron has titanium coated plates to glide smoothly through your hair eliminating frizz as you style. You can use the U-Smooth for straightening or for curling.

If you Already have Frizzy Hair

To combat current issues, use a damage control product once a week. Try Paul Mitchell's The Masque to add moisture and improve hair's elasticity. Also, refrain from dying your hair as long as possible. Color can dry out and damage hair, creating more frizz.

Then, incorporate the above steps into your regular beauty program to maintain healthy hair.

By staying consistent with your hair health routine and using salon quality products, your lovely locks will be frizz-free in no time!

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