May 24, 2012

2012 Summer Hair Techniques for Stylists

Summer is here…and so are these hairstyles! u-smooth + Summer Hair Trends

The Bob is Back!

Nicole Richie rocks the short, wispy bob. As one of the most requested celebrity cuts this season, she knows what works and also how to achieve the perfect look.
What you’ll need:
-u-smooth Shears
-u-smooth 1” Flat Iron
-u-smooth Cream
-u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray

Using the u-smooth Shears on wet or dry hair, cut the bob to your client’s specified length. Make sure to section out the longer wispy bangs that make the look.  If you cut your client’s hair dry, shampoo after the cut. Then add u-smooth Cream into wet hair to help with thermal protection, reduce frizz, add shine & hydration. Use a smaller round brush and blow dry the hair. Flat iron with the u-smooth 1” iron, turning the iron at the ends of the hair to create the rounded look.  Finish with u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray to set the touchable style.

Center parts are the new side parts!

Lauren Conrad pulls of the center part/soft hair style perfectly.

What you’ll need:
-u-smooth Shears
-u-smooth Cream
-u-smooth 1.5” Iron
-u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray

Using the u-smooth Shears on wet or dry hair, cut the soft layers to the client’s desired length. If you cut your client’s hair dry, shampoo after the cut. Then apply a generous amount of u-smooth Cream to wet hair. This is going to give your client’s hair shine, thermal protection, slight texture, hydration & also reduce frizz to create that soft look. Blow dry the hair using a large round brush. Add a small amount of u-smooth Cream to dry hair to help with thermal protection before flat ironing.

Using your 1.5” u-smooth iron, create the soft waves with lasting power. Watch the video for the technique!

Apr 11, 2012

Spring 2012 Hair Trends from u-smooth

slicked back look

The slicked back look.
As seen in Vogue & on Victoria Beckham. Similar looks were seen at Giambattista Valli, Roland Mouret and BCBG Max Azria.
This is a great look that u-smooth Cream & Firm Finishing Spray can help attain. Apply u-smooth Cream to towel dried hair, blow dry straight. Then apply a generous amount of u-smooth Cream to the top of the hair and finish with u-smooth Firm Finishing Spray.

gorgeous blow-out
The gorgeous blow-out. 
As seen on Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth & Sarah Jessica Parker. Also this look was used at the D&G, Issa London and Sonia Rykiel shows.
 Use u-smooth Cream in towel dried hair, blow dry with a round brush. Roll the hair with large rollers for a more textured look if desired. Spray u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray onto a paddle brush and brush through the hair.

looped under ponytail
The Looped Under Ponytail. 
As seen on Natalie Portman & at the Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Marc by Marc Jacobs & House of Holland shows.
 Apply u-smooth Cream to dampened hair, and then blow-dry it straight. Create a middle part & pull hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. If you have fine hair, you can tease it a little for more volume then spray with u-smooth Firm Finishing Spray for hold. Loop the ponytail under and secure, keeping one small section free. Mold the shape of the looped ponytail into a nice triangular shape. Wrap the loose section of hair around the base of the ponytail, covering the elastic, pin into place. Spray with u-smooth Firm Finishing Spray to hold.

baby doll look
The Baby Doll Look. 
Exaggerated ‘pretty’ hair is also in this season. As seen at the Viktor & Rolf, Meadham Kirchhoff& Mulberry shows.

Apply u-smooth Cream to towel dried hair. Blow dry straight. Section hair into horizontal thin sections, about a centimeter thick. Use the u-smooth Texturizing Iron to create texture on each section, starting from the nape of the neck to the top of the head. Spray u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray onto a paddle brush and slowly brush through the hair. Pull hair into a very loose ponytail. Fashion with a bow. Apply u-smooth Cream to the top and sides of the hair to control fly-aways. Finish with u-smooth Firm Finishing Spray throughout the hair.

the wet look
The Wet Look. 

Apply generous amounts of u-smooth Cream throughout the hair. Let hair air dry. Slick the hair back with more u-smooth Cream from root to tip. Finish with a generous amount of u-smooth Flexible Styling Spray. 

Ordering Instructions:
2. Salon professionals can order u-smooth products from

Mar 21, 2012

Dancing With The Stars Hair Technique

Dancing With The Stars Chelsie Hightower made waves with her beautiful curls and crimped hairstyle this past Tuesday evening.

Want to know how to get the look?

1) Add U-Smooth Cream to clean, dry hair to protect hair from heat and create a style foundation.

2) Separate hair into two sections, one large section from the top of the forehead to the base of the skull and the second section underneath the top.

3) Taking one small section at a time, use your U-Smooth Texturizing Iron to crimp the bottom layer of hair, starting at the base of the head and pressing the texturizing iron down from the base of the hair to the ends.

4) On the top section, use your U-Smooth flat iron to create large curls by wrapping your flat iron around a small section of hair, then pulling the iron to create big, bold curls. (See how to use your flat iron to create curls here).

5) Set the style with U-Smooth Flexible Styling Spray for a trend-setting style that moves with you when you're out on the dance floor!

Find a salon near you that carries the U-Smooth brand of tools and products.

Feb 22, 2012

Best Hairspray and Must-Have Styling Cream!

U-Smooth, deemed by its fans as "the best flat iron" has finally met its match...with a line of styling products!

You asked for it, and you got it!

Throughout 2012 the u-smooth brand will come to life one product at a time, beginning with three HOT new styling products.

February:  U-Smooth introduces its Flexible Styling & Firm Finishing Sprays
Style your hair to perfection with U-Smooth Flexible Styling Spray, or get all day hold with maximum control. U-Smooth Firm Finishing Spray is a fast-dry formula set to impress. Available only at professional salons, these hairsprays let you manage your hair with a workable hold, natural finish and shine!

March: U-Smooth Cream Comes to Life
A stylist's secret weapon is the base product they use after washing your hair, and U-Smooth Cream is that unbelievable hair must-have! It gives hair a light hold for building an every-day style or night-out updo. This product has it all with optimum smoothing, hydration, shine and protection power. Use it before flat ironing to smooth hair or before scrunching for beautiful curls. With an added heat protectant, this product is your hair's secret weapon!

Up Next:  We don't want to spoil the secret! Keep watching for the next must-have hair product release!

Click to find a U-Smooth Salon or ask your stylist for U-Smooth today!

Feb 8, 2012

Spring Hair Trends 2012

Long, luscious curls and short, dynamic textured cuts are contrasting looks, but they're the hottest hair styles for spring 2012. A powerful styling tool like the U-Smooth iron is a must have for both looks.

If you've got length, curls are hot this season! But don't store away your U-Smooth flat iron, girl! You can create the most fabulous curls with your favorite styling tool, even the sexy, tight spiral curls like Madonna wore at the Super Bowl! 

Get Madonna Curls:
After washing, conditioning and drying hair, spray with a thermal heat protectant Separate hair into small, chunky sections, pulling a portion up until ready to curl. Wrap section around flat iron and pull straight down. Repeat by layers until you've curled all your hair.  Spray with U-Smooth finishing spray (find a salon that carries U-Smooth hairspray near you).

Rock both looks by starting the season with long locks, and then visiting your salon to donate your locks to Locks for Love or Wigs for Kids. Look hot with short, choppy layers and lock the style with U-Smooth finishing spray.

Get Halle Berry's textured style:
The right cut is imperative. Consult with your stylist about the cut, then add a base like U-Smooth Cream to add styling ease. Use your U-Smooth in sections, smoothing hair near the roots and curling ends upward.  Spray with finishing spray when you've reached the desired look.

Whether you're a traditional long-hair diva or you're looking for a more daring look with short layers, the perfect look is within your reach with the U-Smooth line of styling products.

Feb 3, 2012

Girls, Watch the Super Bowl 2012 for Hot Hair Fashion Trends

The Super Bowl isn't about the game. In fact, over half of us pay more attention to the ads than to the game. Besides, the hottest new trends in fashion and style are sure to be shared during the halftime entertainment during Super Bowl 2012.

In fact, Madonna's halftime playlist is still a mystery, but I'd place bets on whether or not she'll be sporting the hottest new hairstyle. Only the best tools and product will make hair as shiny, bouncy and beautiful as the divas in Madonna's latest music video, "Give Me All Your Luvin." With U-Smooth Professional styling products, anything is possible. Ask your stylist about U-Smooth hairspray, cream and shampoos, or order your styling tools online at

...and while you're awaiting the Super Bowl, take a look at "Give Me All Your Luvin" by Madonna, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

Jan 24, 2012

Extend the Life of Your Straight Style

Even to the most dye-hard beauty diva, flat ironing can sometimes become a chore. With the following tips, you can extend the life of your smooth style, and spend less time in the powder room and more time enjoying your life.

Invest in a Professional Titanium Plated Iron with Adjustable Heat Settings
Ceramic flat irons tend to pit, crack and attract build-up which snags on the hair shaft and slows it from passing easily through the hair. With a titanium plated irons like the U-Smooth Professional Smoothing Iron, the iron glides smoothly through the hair. The adjustable heat settings allow you to set higher heat for thicker hair and lower heat for fine hair. Find the ideal setting for your hair type here.

Wash Less Frequently
A smooth, straight style can last for days between shampooing. In fact, stylists recommend washing your hair every two to three days because frequent shampooing can lead to the overproduction of oil on the scalp. If you're concerned about your hair looking oily bestrewn washes, try a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil. Food for thought: when you use salon quality shampoos and conditioners, you will experience less build-up resulting in cleaner hair for longer periods.

Style at Night; Touch up in the Morning
Morning routines are often cut short by the need for sleep. Take less time styling in the morning by showing, blow drying and styling before bed. Sleep on a satin pillow case to keep the hair from crimping, and you will spend less time styling in the morning. Simply wake, touch-up and go!

Invest in a Keratin Complex Treatment
If you love the way your hair looks after flat ironing, but want smooth hair without as much effort, ask your stylist about the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. The Keratin Treatment coats your hair with a silky-smooth, shiny finish and makes the hair easier to style. Though an investment ($200-$500 per treatment), this treatment will last between 3-5 months.

Of course, your style is only as good as the tools you use. Your beauty will shine through when you invest in quality tools and salon quality products! Have you found a method of straightening that helps extend the style not mentioned? Share your smoothing tips in the comments! We'd love to hear your tried-and-true methods!