Aug 18, 2011

How to Straighten Your Hair with a Flat Iron

#1 – Towel Dry
After washing, wrap your hair in a towel and let it towel dry for around 10 minutes. Towel drying your hair before blow drying will decrease the amount of time needed to blow dry and save your hair from unnecessary heat damage.

#2 – Protect Your Hair
Once the hair has towel dried for a bit, apply a thermal spray or heat protectant to damp hair (one of our favorites is Young.Again by Kevin Murphy). A heat protecting spray, cream, or serum will protect the hair against heat damage and breakage as well as extend the longevity of a style. 

#3 – Blow Dry
Next, thoroughly blow dry your hair. Make sure that hair is completely dry before applying your straightener. (It is much safer for hair to be flat ironed while dry. Ensuring hair is dry before straightening will ensure healthier hair in the future as well.)

#4 – Iron by Layers
In order to make sure you do not miss any sections while flat ironing, straighten your hair by layers. Using a styling clip or hair tie, collect ¾ of your hair and tie up leaving the bottom layer down. Straighten the bottom section root to tip. Suggestion: use a hand mirror periodically to check the back. Lightly spray this layer. After bottom layer is straight, let down another ¼ section of your hair, straighten and spray. Finish the top two layers the same way.

#5 – Finish
Brush (we suggest the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush), touch up any missed sections, spray and go! Your hair should keep its new, smooth look until the next wash!

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