Oct 18, 2011

How to Create Halloween Hairdos

The basis of a great Halloween costume is dramatic hair. There's no need to go out and buy a wig for your outfit, just use your natural hair with your U-Smooth irons to create your Halloween look. Use these tips to create some striking hairstyles and achieve the best Halloween costume around.

Take your costume to new
heights with these
voluminous curls!
Curly Girl - Use this big look and amp up the volume of your costume. Using your U-Smooth flat iron, create tight curls. (Click here to see how to curl your hair with a flat iron.) After your entire head of hair is curled, use a brush and back brush your curls starting from the ends to your roots. Do this on all of your hair. If you want to create a shape in your hair, use bobby pins to hold some hair up or to pull hair away from your face. Spray hair to hold. 

Add an edge to your outfit
with crimps!

Creepy Crimps - If you're looking for a creepy hairdo for a scary outfit, try this one on for size. First, part hair down the center. Next, straighten hair using your U-Smooth flat iron. Then, take your U-Smooth texturizing iron and crimp only the center section of your hair, leaving roots and ends straight.

These pigtails aren't like
the ones you used to wear!

Full Pig Tails - Try this hairdo if you are going with a girly outfit. Part hair completely down the center. Put your hair into two high pigtails using hair ties. With your U-Smooth texturizing iron, fully crimp all hair in pigtails. For extra fullness, go through each pigtail and back comb using a teasing brush. Spray.

Accessorize - Add a flower, crown or feathers to tie your hairdo into your costume. Also, temporary hair color is a great way to add some pop to your look. Try Kevin.Murphy's Color.Bug for an easy temporary color solution.

Halloween is a great time to experiment with your hair to achieve dramatic and fun looks. Use these styles or create your own to make your Halloween hairdo a look to catch some attention! 

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