Oct 13, 2011

The Evolution of the Hair Crimper

While hair crimping made its peek in the mid-80's, the hair crimper has transformed in shape and technique for almost 40 years. Whether considering the old or new model, the crimper is capable of some daring hairdos.

What an improvement!
The modern-style crimping iron was invented in 1972 by Geri Cusensa specifically for Barbara Streisand's hair. These irons consisted of large plates. You would have to hold onto your hair for a minimum of five seconds to get a good crimp to stay. This technique was a great time commitment for the fashion-forward ladies of the time.

Throughout the years, technology has greatly improved upon the hair crimper. Now, we have smaller plates for easier access to your roots. Also, crimping irons, or texurizing irons, now heat up in half the time and at twice the temperature. With higher heats, you need less time holding the iron to your hair. 

While the bed-head look was the popular crimped style of the 80's, today we are using crimping irons in a variety of ways. Crimping all of your hair is still popular among celebrities on the red carpet. Also crimping is often used as a texturizing base for different styles. 

With smaller crimps, you can now alter the texture of your hair to give lift. Texturizing irons give women the opportunity to be playful with random crimps throughout their hairdo, or to be used simply as a hidden foundation for volume. 

From blocky huge plates to the modern fast-heating texturizer, the hair crimper continues to make its mark in hair history!

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