Dec 8, 2011

Holiday Hair: Side-Swept Locks

The side-sweep is not just for bangs anymore! One of this season's most glamorous hairstyles is side-swept locks. Wear this sleek style to your holiday parties this season for a look that will turn heads!

Celebrate this holiday season with
gorgeous hair!
Get this look:

1. Apply a mousse and a heat protectant to wet hair. Blow dry hair to desired side. For a more dramatic effect, do a drastic part on the opposite side from where your hair will lay.

2. Create large curls with hot rollers, a curling iron, or a flat iron. Click here to see how to create curls with your U-Smooth flat iron.

3. Pull hair to desired side. Slick flat side back with a styling pomade. Try Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Grooming Pomade.

4. Create a small french twist starting at the slicked back side moving towards the loose side in order to keep hair in place. Do this by taking hair from slicked side and begin to twist hair inward towards the nape of the neck. Keep adding to this twist as it forms at the nape of the neck moving toward the loose side. Add bobby pins into the twist as you are forming it.

5. Secure the end of the twist once you get close to the opposite ear. Let the rest of your hair lay on your shoulder.

6. For added volume, back comb some bottom layer curls. Spray in place.

Look gorgeous for every holiday party this season with curly side-swept locks!

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