Dec 13, 2011

Healthy Hair While Using a Flat Iron

You do not want to give up using your flat iron, but you may worry about the effects a flat iron can have on your hair. With these tips, you can use your flat iron with confidence. Take care of your hair while getting the style you want!

Keep your hair healthy
while using your
1. Use Protective Products

Before blow drying or flat ironing your hair apply a heat resistant spray. Many sprays are vitamin enriched to coat and shield the hair minimizing heat damage. We suggest Keune's Vital Nutrition Conditioning Spray. Then, blow dry and use your flat iron and style.

As a flat iron user, you will also want to deep condition once a week. Deep conditioners put moisture back into heat-treated hair. This helps repair damaged hair and minimize hair breakage.

2. Watch Your Temperature

Make sure the flat iron you are using has adjustable heat settings. This way you can personalize your flat iron to what your hair needs. Start with the lowest setting your flat iron has and see what results it gives you. Stop raising the temperature once you get your desired results. The thickness and texture of your hair will help you determine where you should set your flat iron. Click here for suggested temperature.

3. Style with Care

Clamp the flat iron far enough down from your root so that your hair is not being pulled tightly from your scalp. This will reduce stress on your hair root and cause for less hair loss. With each pass, use moderate and consistent pressure so that not one part of the hair strand is getting more heat than another.

4. Limit Straightener Usage

Flat iron styles can last for days with help from a styling agent. Style your hair straight or curly one day using a serum or mousse. The next day, style your hair using a heat-free method. Try different braids, simple up-dos, and buns or ponytails. "Second day" hair works best for these styles because the natural oils your hair creates help keep these styles in place. Worried about looking too oily? Use a dry shampoo like Keratin Complex's Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder to soak up extra oils in your roots.  

Follow these steps and you can still have beautiful healthy hair when styling with a flat iron! 

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