Sep 27, 2011

The Braid is Here to Stay!

The easy summertime hairstyle, the braid, isn't going anywhere! Stylists say braids are a HOT part of this fall's hair trends. Whether you have straight, wavy, long or short hair, a braid can add elegance and flair to your look this fall.

One great aspect to this easy style is the large array of styling opportunity that braiding offers. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started on your fashion-forward spin on a classic hairdo.

The Classic
Keep the classic braid fresh
by making it loose and messy.
The fishtail
This braid is a great way
to wear your hair pulled back
while staying stylish.
French braiding
French braid your hair into a low
ponytail or bun for a sleek look.

The Braided Headband
Make a full headband, or half headband
to amplify your down hairstyle.
Small Braids
Add some fun to your look by
throwing in some small braids.
Try out these different braided styles to switch up your every-day hair routine. With hundreds of ways to wear this classic style, the braid has proven it's here to stay!

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