Sep 23, 2011

Look Great on Picture Day

Your pictures of worn-down hair can be a thing of the past. With the right products, you don't need to stress about taking your picture the minute you walk into school or work. Use these tips to have the best photo-ready hair whether your photo is taken at 8 a.m. or 3 p.m.!

1. Squeaky Clean - The start to having a good clean look is by having clean hair. Make sure your hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned the day of your photo to avoid looking like you combed your hair with a pork chop. For an every day wash that protects your hair color from heat, try Balancing.Wash by Kevin.Murphy.

2. Set a Foundation - After showering, apply a styling cream or serum to damp hair. Having a base product on your hair will help hold your style in for the full day. Try Paul Mitchell's Thicken Up Styling Liquid for a voluminous look.

No more bad hair picture days! 
3. Define Your Style - Use a product that is specific to the style that you are going for. If you are aiming for shiny and silky straight hair, apply Keratin Complex's Straight Day Spray to damp hair. This hydrating spray smoothes, reduces flyaways and tames unwanted frizz so your hair is smooth and sleek whenever your shot comes up! If you are aiming for a curly look, try Moroccanoil's Curl Control Cream. Its curl shape memory technology will activate your curls and hold them in place all day.

4. Make it Stick - Once you have styled your hair to your desired look, hold it in place with a salon quality hairspray. For a more flexible hold, try Keune's Shaping Hairspray Super. This spray is perfect if you want to adjust your look by putting part of it up or adding a twist or a braid. For that stay-put hold, try Spray It Hard by Michael O'Rourke.

No longer worry about the outcome of the dreaded picture day. The tools you need for a picture with drop-dead gorgeous hair are at your fingertips! Make picture day a day to look forward to!

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