Sep 29, 2011

Flat Iron Safety Tips

Flat irons have come a long way since the first one hit the shelves in 1991. They are smaller, sleeker, and safer to use than ever before. Technological advances of modern flat irons have made them safer and easier to use, but following these tips will help you protect your hair, your house, and your flat iron.

Safe Hair, Healthy Hair:
1. Use a heat protectant. From sprays and creams to serums and conditioners, the heat protectant options are limitless. Add a dollop before straightening and lock in the hair's natural moisture.
2. Thoroughly dry hair.  Straightening over wet hair will literally fry your hair and cause great damage. Instead, wrap your hair in a towel to soak up excess water, add heat protectant to accelerate the speed of drying and then completely blow-dry your hair before styling.
3. Slide Iron through Hair. Do not keep straightener on one spot of your hair for too long. This can actually singe the hair, destroying its structure and causing breakage.

Use a heat resistant mat on a flat
surface when straightening. Also,
make sure all product bottles are
clear from hot plates.
Safe Usage, Safe Home:
1. Use a Mat. While straightening, place you straightener on a heat resistant mat or clean countertop. Avoid placing flat irons on carpet or materials that could melt or catch on fire.
2. Unplug your iron after using. Even though your iron may be turned off, any plugged in appliance is electrically live. Unplug your flat iron to avoid any chance of an electrical problem. Do not plug your straightener in until you are ready to use it to avoid any potential accidents.
3. Keep Iron Dry. Do not use your flat iron next to water. Stay safe by straightening your hair away from a full tub or sink of water. 

Keep Your Flat Iron Safe:
Instead of wrapping the iron around the straightener after
using, lay the wire back and forth loosely on top
of itself to store.
1. Avoid Internal Damage. The Golden Rule of flat iron storage - Do not wrap the cord around your flat iron after use. Wrapping the cord tightly around your flat iron can cause shorts within the cord or burn the electrical cord, exposing wires. A short in the cord could cause your iron to turn off unexpectedly, or to not turn back on at all. 
2. Avoid H20. Not only could you risk an electric shock by letting your iron touch water, but contact with water could also ruin your iron. 
3. Make it Last. Click here for more tips on extending the life of your iron.

Remember these safety tips and keep your hair, house, and flat iron safe. Happy Styling! 

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