Nov 3, 2011

Titanium: The Best Choice of Flat Iron

The debate of titanium vs. ceramic straighteners can keep many flat iron shoppers confused. However, the benefits titanium plated flat irons make it the clear winner. Check out the following benefits of titanium plated straighteners:

Heating Benefits
Titanium is where it's at!
One main difference between titanium and ceramic flat irons is the faster heating. Titanium heats up much faster than ceramic cutting your styling time down. Titanium's heat distribution is also more even than ceramic helping for even styling.

Titanium also allows higher heat settings than most ceramic irons. This is a huge benefit for those with thick, curly, or hard-to-straighten hair. Don't worry if you don't need extreme heat because U-Smooth irons have digital temperature control. Click here to determine where to set your iron for your hair type.

Ionic Boost
Titanium irons have a higher ionic output than ceramic irons. Why is this important? Damaged hair is positively charged from chemicals, static, etcetera. These positive charges cause follicles to open causing split ends. The negative ions given off by titanium irons neutralize the charge, closing up follicles and smoothing the hair shaft. Therefore, the more negative ions to your hair, the healthier the hair shaft.

Other Benefits
Titanium is naturally corrosion resistant. This means that your titanium plates will not scratch or chip allowing your iron a longer lifetime. Ceramic plates have a tendency to crack over time, and the hair no longer slips between plates without feeling a drag. Because titanium will not crack, your hair will slip through the plates minimizing damage and frizz.

U-Smooth flat irons have titanium coated plates bringing you all of these benefits when styling your hair. Next time you are on the market for a quality flat iron that will give you the best results, remember, titanium is the way to go!

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