Nov 8, 2011

Hair Loss in Women: It's OK!

Although we tend to think of hair loss as a men's issue, many women are concerned with hair loss too. The good news is we are often worrying about something that is not a problem. Your hair loss is likely the result of the natural hair growth cycle.

Relax, hair loss happens. It's normal for most women to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day, and even up to 250 strands on days you wash your hair. Typically, when a hair is lost, it is replaced by a new follicle the same size. Yes, you may be losing a bit of hair day-to-day, but your body is continually replacing those lost strands.

Determine if there is a problem. If hair is coming out in large numbers while combing (NOT tugging on the hair) or if there is a large amount of hair on your pillow after a night's sleep, there may be a health concern. If you notice your part becoming wider, or see more of your scalp when pulling your hair back, you should talk to your doctor.

Regular styling will not cause
your beautiful locks to fall out!
Significant hair loss is likely a medical issue. Generally, if you are noticing a hair loss problem, the cause is likely due to a medical condition like stress, medications, illnesses, surgery, or a dramatic hormonal change such as during pregnancy. Also, major health issues like thyroid problems, autoimmune disease, and alopecia can cause hair loss in women. If you notice a dramatic difference in the amount of hair you are losing, see your doctor to determine if you have a health issue. 

It's okay to style on! Normal hair styling should not contribute to hair loss unless done incorrectly or too often. Regular brushing, dying, washing, and styling with heat should not cause your hair to be noticeably thinner. However, extremely tight hairstyles, like cornrows, can cause the hair follicle to scar and fall out. Regular styling can however cause damage within the hair shaft. Luckily this type of damage can be repaired. See how to keep your hair healthy here. 

So ladies, keep an eye on your hair and see your doctor for large losses. But don't forget, some hair loss is OK! 

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