Oct 27, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 Trend: The Center Part

While a center part may seem to be a very simple hairdo to achieve, the simplicity of the style is making a hot impression this season. The center part can be dressed up or worn relaxed depending on your style. Try out these different looks.

Sleek and Straight - For a great night-time style, use Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum to get locks frizz free. Then use your U-Smooth to create straight, flat hair. Once hair is completely straight, use a comb from the middle of your hairline and draw it straight back. This intense look will draw some attention!
A defined center part with
perfectly straight hair gives
 you a super sleek look.

The Soft Center Part - For a less extreme look, don't worry as much about getting a pin stripe part perfectly down the center. Instead, start at your hairline and use your fingers to create a not-so-perfect part down the center. This look will work with straight or air-dried wavy hair.
Tousled center parts are
another stylish option!

Take it Up - For a more formal look, use the sleek method of creating a center part and pull your hair back into a straight, low ponytail. For a more relaxed look, do a soft middle part and pull hair back into a messy bun or low chignon (click here to learn how).
Do two hot styles in one with
a center part and a sleek ponytail.

This season's middle part look is one you can personalize to your style and taste. Take a break from your side part and go for it down the middle!

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