Sep 15, 2011

How to Fix Summertime Hair Damage

We may be upset that summer-time fun is over, but our hair is most likely relieved. Summer fun usually includes a highly chlorinated pool or mineral-infused natural waterways like a lake or ocean. Unfortunately, these water spots can wreck havoc on our hair leaving us needing to nurse it back to health in the fall.

Natural water bodies are often interspersed with minerals like calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica and lead. Even the water we use for bathing or drinking can be infused with these minerals straight from the ground or because they were added at the treatment plant. These minerals can cause hair:

    •    To become dry and weighted down
    •    Feel brittle and begin breaking
    •    To tint yellowed, orange or to darken
    •    Services like perms, color or relaxers to fail
    •    To fall out from scalp mineral build-up

Chlorine destroys bacteria in water, but dries out hair and turns blonde hair green. Chlorine can damage the cuticle and proteins of the hair, oxidize the hair and cause hair to feel gummy when wet and straw-like, brittle and lack shine when dry.

Rejuvenate Your Hair
Ask your stylist which clarifying product
is right for you!
A clarifying shampoo like Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three, Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash, Keune Silver Reflex and Keune Platinum Blonde Conditioner can reverse the effects of chlorine and minerals on the hair by removing harmful pollutants. These shampoos can take the green out of chlorine hair and help keep hair soft. Do NOT use a clarifying shampoo on a daily basis. Use your clarifying shampoo only once a week maximum, and your regular shampoo during all other washes.

Don't let fun in the sun ruin your fall style! Be sure to stop by your favorite salon and grab a quality product to rejuvenate your shiny, healthy look!

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