Sep 13, 2011

Give Your Hair Voluptuous Volume

Big hair is in! Get that full, voluminous look with a few of our favorite big hair tricks.

1.  Root Boost - Before blow drying, apply a root-boost to your hair at the scalp. We like Paul Mitchell’s Volumizing Spray for great hold and volume from the roots out.

2.  Flip It - Blow dry your hair while your head is flipped over. This allows the roots to dry standing straight out from your head, giving you sexy volume.

3.  Texturize - One of U-Smooth’s exciting new tools is our crimped-plate Texturizing Iron. This texturizing iron is a fabulous tool to give you the full look you want with great lift.

     Body-Double - To bring your whole head of hair to a fuller look, texturize
     all your hair with the Texturizing Iron. Then use U-Smooth’s Smoothing Iron
     to flatten out the texture. The hair appears to be flat, but still
     holds the texture from the crimp giving your hair twice the amount of body.

     Lift-Off - To get lift just at the roots, simply add texture to your hair at the
     roots on the lower layers of your hair that are not showing. Check out our
     video to see how this technique adds volume.

Powder Power - Take your volume to the next level by adding volumizing powder! One of our favorites is Keratin Complex’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder. Work into your roots after texturizing and fluff up with your fingers.

Keep your voluptuous volume all day! Spray your hair after styling with a strong finishing spray to ensure a long-lasting hold.

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