Sep 8, 2011

How to Choose Your Hair Color

While there is no single give-away sign as to what hair color would look best on you, a simple look in the mirror to determine your skin tone can be a huge help. Determining whether you're a cool or warm skin tone can help guide you to the best color for your hair style.

Your skin tone can help you find
your perfect hair color!
Cool: If you have a cool skin tone, meaning you have a pink, blue or no color undertone, hair colors with a cool overtone will typically look more natural on you.  Fair skin often looks best with hair colors like light gold or ash. Avoid bright golden blonde or red shades that may not compliment your cooler complexion. If you are cool skin-toned and looking for a serious color pop, go for platinum blonde.

Warm: If you have a warm skin tone, meaning you have a yellow, red or golden undertone, stick to warmer hair colors. Warm skin tones look best with stronger colors like reds and browns. If you have yellow hues in your skin, avoid golden blonde hair colors, as this may make your skin to appear jaundice. A dramatic look for a warm tone is a deep honey blonde or copper red.

There are exceptions to these rules and many sub-categories within cool and warm skin tones. Consult your stylist and discuss the best possibilities for a new color to compliment your skin tone!

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