Mar 21, 2012

Dancing With The Stars Hair Technique

Dancing With The Stars Chelsie Hightower made waves with her beautiful curls and crimped hairstyle this past Tuesday evening.

Want to know how to get the look?

1) Add U-Smooth Cream to clean, dry hair to protect hair from heat and create a style foundation.

2) Separate hair into two sections, one large section from the top of the forehead to the base of the skull and the second section underneath the top.

3) Taking one small section at a time, use your U-Smooth Texturizing Iron to crimp the bottom layer of hair, starting at the base of the head and pressing the texturizing iron down from the base of the hair to the ends.

4) On the top section, use your U-Smooth flat iron to create large curls by wrapping your flat iron around a small section of hair, then pulling the iron to create big, bold curls. (See how to use your flat iron to create curls here).

5) Set the style with U-Smooth Flexible Styling Spray for a trend-setting style that moves with you when you're out on the dance floor!

Find a salon near you that carries the U-Smooth brand of tools and products.

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