Feb 22, 2012

Best Hairspray and Must-Have Styling Cream!

U-Smooth, deemed by its fans as "the best flat iron" has finally met its match...with a line of styling products!

You asked for it, and you got it!

Throughout 2012 the u-smooth brand will come to life one product at a time, beginning with three HOT new styling products.

February:  U-Smooth introduces its Flexible Styling & Firm Finishing Sprays
Style your hair to perfection with U-Smooth Flexible Styling Spray, or get all day hold with maximum control. U-Smooth Firm Finishing Spray is a fast-dry formula set to impress. Available only at professional salons, these hairsprays let you manage your hair with a workable hold, natural finish and shine!

March: U-Smooth Cream Comes to Life
A stylist's secret weapon is the base product they use after washing your hair, and U-Smooth Cream is that unbelievable hair must-have! It gives hair a light hold for building an every-day style or night-out updo. This product has it all with optimum smoothing, hydration, shine and protection power. Use it before flat ironing to smooth hair or before scrunching for beautiful curls. With an added heat protectant, this product is your hair's secret weapon!

Up Next:  We don't want to spoil the secret! Keep watching for the next must-have hair product release!

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