Aug 10, 2011

Trend Alert! Feather Hair Accessories

Amy rocks the style with platinum and feathers!
Feathers have always been a popular fashion add-on, but this year they're punching up our tresses and taking flight with feather hair extensions.

Fashionistas all over the nation are flocking to their nearest salon to get a small cluster of feathers linked into their hair. The links are semi-permanent and last up to 3 months. With colors ranging from natural to bright red, teal and blue hues, they're the appropriate accent to any style.

Now you can get in on this high-end fashion look without visiting the salon. Clip-in real feather accents are available in a variety of colors and styles from Hippy Blue and Pink feather links; Peacock and Mother Nature long extensions to single feather barrette styles in red, yellow, teal and pink.

It's your fashion statement. Make it your look!

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