Dec 29, 2011

New Year's Eve Hairstyle

There's no occasion that makes you want to turn heads more than New Year's Eve. With this look, you can show off your gorgeous healthy hair, while also getting the height and volume you crave in a hairstyle.

Get the attention you want this
New Year's with the sleek
yet fun hairstyle!
Get the look:

1. After washing your hair, spray in a heat protectant like Paul Mitchell's Seal and Shine. Also add a volumizing product to your hair like Kevin.Murphy's Anti.Gravity

2. Blow dry hair with your head flipped over to add volume. Straighten or curl hair (either works for this style) with your U-Smooth flat iron.   

3. Do a dramatic side part with your bangs. Let bangs frame your face and pin longer hairs behind your ear.

4. Grab the hair directly behind your bangs. Tease this section of hair to create volume right behind your bangs. Spray tease into place. 

5. Starting at your ears, part your hair into a top half and a bottom half.

6. Softly, as to not pull your teased section of hair flat, pull top section into a pile behind your head. Try to get hair facing in many different directions. Pin pieces of hair into place to get desired messy look. Spray to hold.

7. Leave the rest of your hair down. 

This look is perfect for showing off your gorgeous hair, while also showing off an awesome new pair of earrings! Try it this New Year's Eve or for your next party.

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