Dec 22, 2011

2011 Hair Trends Recap

When looking back at the hair trends of this passed year, we see a little bit of everything with cuts, color, and accessories. Let's look at some of 2011's most popular hair trends.

Ombre - Literally meaning "gradation" in French, this trend of gently fading from dark roots to lighter ends caught on huge this year. The look allowed for a more relaxed feel, and also allowed for less visits to the salon - the perfect style for a frugal fashionista.

Beachy waves - This style paired perfectly with the relaxed look of ombre color. These effortless waves were seen everywhere from the halls of high schools to the stars on the red carpet. Who knew looking like you had been lounging on the beach all day could look so glamorous?!

Bright Colors - From Katy Perry's hot pink all-over look, to the more subtle blue low-lights of Lauren Conrad, bright hair color was a trend this year for those looking for a bold statement. 

Feathers - This hair accessory caught the country by storm! These rooster feather extensions added a fun flair to everyday looks. While the feather trend may not be a "timeless" look, it was fun while it lasted!

Volume - From Snooki-style bumps, to big voluminous waves, big hair was in in 2011. Stick straight hair started to disappear and the flat iron became a tool to make hair anything but flat! 

Only time will tell if these 2011 trends will roll over into 2012, or if they are just a hairstyle best left in the past. However one thing is for sure, 2012 hairstyles have a lot to live up to!

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