Aug 31, 2011

At Home Up-Do: The Double Knot

The double knot up-do is a fun, simple look that you can do on yourself in just one minute. This look is great for straight or wavy hair. It will give you a sophisticated, yet relaxed look whether you’re laying out poolside, or enjoying a night on the town.

All you need are 2-4 bobby pins and a can of your favorite hairspray (we suggest Kevin Murphy’s Session.Spray).

To create:

1. Part hair down the middle from the crown to the nape of the neck. Hold each section of hair separately to ensure that all hair is collected.
2. Take right section of hair and place it over the left section, leaving a space between scalp and cross-over point.
3. Loop the left section through the hole to make a knot (this is the same type of knot you would make when first tying shoes).
4. Pull tight.
5. Secure knot by placing 1 or 2 bobby pins in at the right hair part and pushing them in through.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 starting with the left section over the right to create your second knot.
7. Hairspray final look.

Remember, creating a fabulous look does not have to take hours. Use these steps and create your double knot up-do yourself!

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